A Little about Sara...

I'm the CEO & Lead Strategist of Sara Vise Marketing Inc. - an agency that specializes in Facebook™ & Instagram™ ads, funnel builds and program launches.

Nearly half a million entrepreneurs started a business in 2020 during a pandemic. I started my business to support those online business start-ups and brick and mortar businesses that need to be seen. Here are some of the challenges entrepreneurs face:

✅ Lead magnets!

✅ Certifications!

✅ Webinars!

✅ Challenges!

✅ List-building!

✅ Funnels!

I set out on a mission to uncover WHY only half of these businesses will probably survive. I've failed at my own endeavors before and wanted to find the key to making my business succeed.

What I discovered was nothing less than life-changing, as I saw into the dark underbelly of the coaching industry and why truly effective marketing strategies are so vastly different than the majority of strategies being taught.

So, I joined a mastermind of advertisers in 2020 and learned all of the aspects of Marketing and Ad Strategies on Facebook™ and Instagram™.

Our agency manages dozens of ad accounts for coaching clients, experts and more. We specialize in helping coaches gain traction in a super saturated market with modern ads strategies that very few people even know about.

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